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Famooshed Merchant Features

  • Create you online virtual market stall on the marketplace.
  • Build an online presence and brand awareness.
  • Penetrate your local market utilising our platform to sell directly to the community.
  • Risk adverse secure payment system where merchants receive their payments directly into their Stripe merchant account.
  • Easy to add products onto the merchant market.
  • Process orders 24 x 7 notifying customers of order status.
  • Merchants can inform customers when orders are ready for curb side collection or assign to their own driver or independent delivery driver.
  • Messaging system to enable customers to chat directly to the merchant and drivers.
  • Sales can be limited to a local radius in miles based on geolocation of customers proximity from your address.
  • Sell nationally and use your own driver or courier service.

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Being a Famooshed customer

Famooshed is a dynamic online marketplace that is reacting to the needs of customers ever growing online shopping demands with timed same day deliveries and in store collections. Independent food producers, retailers, farms have seen a huge reduction in feet on the street in local cities, towns, and villages; causing the closure of many businesses. Buying from a Famooshed market vendor is supporting our local industries and guarantees buying locally produced sustainable foods that have been grown at the highest British standards. The market enables customers to buy from local or national vendors produce for their online store within the Famooshed portal as we support the British food producer’s industry market and sell their seasonal fresh products directly to local consumers. All supermarkets have huge carbon footprints by importing a high percentage of their production from worldwide, with distribution hubs and large fleets of trucks. Our market partners provide a range of locally produced sustainable food the comes direct from the field to your table at reasonable prices.

Why join Famooshed as a market vendor?

Famooshed is a dynamic marketplace that enables our partners to create their own online store within the platform to sell their produce to customers. Market and sell your produce directly to customers and utilise our network of delivery drivers to bring food directly from the field to the table.

Fresh, sustainable, locally produced foods

The platform provides independent food growers and producers and online platform to sell British locally produced, sustainable food that meet the highest quality with Red Tractor standards to customers reducing our carbon footprint, unlike the major supermarkets who bring in products worldwide.

Sign up and build anew online presence

Famooshed enables market vendors to expand their customer base and reach new clients throughout the United Kingdom by leveraging the platforms ability to promote their goods via dedicated newsletters, promotional banners, special offer promotions, trade discounts and free delivery options to our market customers.

Creating your Famooshed market vendor account and start selling

The Famooshed platform will sell and market your produce directly to customers by offer each market partner the ability to add their products into the categories and subcategories created on the marketplace and sell within a defined area determined by a mileage radius option. Customers will locate your market when using the Famooshed app by the geo-location map that displays all local markets and the distance to them and delivery charge of produce being hand carried to their door by one of our drivers.

What are the costs of Famooshed?

Famooshed does not charge any sign-up or annual fee for the use of the portal but charges a commission per order based on a pre agreed rate that can be negotiated based on the number of orders per month. The commission charge is added to each order and collected when customers checkout.

How do market vendors get paid?

When signing up as a market on Famooshed and creating an account on the platform, you will be directed to a secure sign page on our Stripe Connect merchant account they will require you to enter either your bank account or debit card information to enable us to transfer the earnings generated by the sales of your goods on the platform. Each market can see a report in their admin panel that will display all orders. Proceeds from sales will be transferred and deposited on a weekly basis.

Setting up your Famooshedvendor store

Each vendor will need to register at the apply to be a vendor link located at the bottom of the page in the footer links and enter the relevant information in the corresponding fields in the vendor application form. Before clicking on the “Create Account” button, each new vendor must click on the check box to create a secure sub merchant account within our main Stripe Merchant account to enable us to transfer payments to your bank account. The pop-up box will request bank account details so that we can process weekly payments to your accounts based on your sales orders.

How to use Famooshed?

After completing the sign process each market will be able to login into their own admin panel either by using the Famooshed Market mobile app for iOS and Android or the web-based portal. The admin enables each market to add their produce into predefined categories and subcategories, creating listings of heir produce by adding their own unique photos and pictures, descriptions of each item, price of the item, weight of each item, units sold etc. The sales price option enables the market to create special offers based on seasonal promotions of their produce.

Processing market orders on Famooshed

Markets will be notified via the portal or app when orders are received from customers. When processing orders, the market can change the status of each order using a list or defined flags the highlight the pick, pack, and delivery timings. Markets have the option of offering a curb side pick-up in store collection onlywith a time request, deliver using their own drivers or request a Famooshed delivery driver to collect from the market and deliver to the customers door.When the order has been processed and assigned to a deliver driver, each customer to monitor and track the status of their order via the real-time tracking feature in the Famooshed Customer app. Customers have the options of requesting timed deliveries or collections for receiving or collecting orders at their own convenience.

Signing up as a Famooshed Delivery Driver

We are always looking to expand or network of delivery drivers and welcome any individual looking to work the hours of their choice, with no contractual commitments as a self-employed person to sign and become part of the team. Delivery drivers can download the Famooshed Delivery driver mobile app and create and account on the market platform. During the sign-up process, each driver will be directed to a secure sign page on our Stripe Connect merchant account they will require you to enter either your bank account or debit card information to enable us to transfer the earnings generated by the sales of your goods on the platform. Each delivery driver can see a report in their admin panel that will display all orders assigned to them, available to collect from markets and their earnings from each delivery. Each drivers’earnings will be transferred and deposited on a weekly basis.

Frequently asked questions

Famooshed makes it easy to order from your favourite independent local farm shops, bakeries, distillers, brewers, fish merchants, growers, food producers and organic growers. Shop for items from merchants near you, with a selection of retailers and trusted local grocers across the United Kingdom. Famooshed will connect you with local merchants in your area to shop and deliver your order. Contactless delivery is available with our “Leave at my door” option.

You can track your order’s progress and communicate with your shopper every step of the way using the Famooshed app or web site. Famooshed also offers curbside pickup from merchants that have selected to provide the service. Simply place your order and choose a pickup time, and a shopper will prepare your order at the store.

When you get to the merchant’s store, use the Famooshed app order number to confirm your order. Depending on the store, a shopper or store employee will bring the groceries to your car, or you can pick them up at the designated area.

Famooshed has a delivery boy service that offers delivery via the merchant’s own delivery staff or our independent network of delivery drivers that charge a nominal fee based on the distance from the merchant to your location. Using this service for your shopping offers a convenient service that provides a timed delivery option which can be tracked via the mobile app.

Famooshed does not charge any membership fees for access to our network of local and national merchants.

To get started, simply download the mobile app for iOS or Android mobile devices, create an account, select the food or store you want to shop, and place your order. All customers will be eligible for delivery fees if the delivery boy option is chosen, however we might have some free delivery promotions or the store might have its own delivery driver service. Famooshed merchants may also offer the curb side pick in store collection option where customers may choose to collect the goods and at time that can be selected from the merchants outlet.

Delivery Fees are calculated based on the distance of the store to your location. Pickup: There may be a “pickup fee” (equivalent to a delivery fee for pickup orders) on your pick-up order.

Tipping is optional but encouraged for delivery orders. It’s a great way to show your delivery driver appreciation and recognition for excellent service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the driver who delivers your order.

Some merchants shipping may offer their produce, food boxes, alcohol or non-perishable goods to shoppers nationally on a next day delivery service via their own preferred delivery partners.

Retail partners set the prices of items on the Famooshed marketplace. While many merchants offer everyday prices in their stores, some of our partners may set prices on the Famooshed platform that are different from in-store prices.

You can view special offers and product promotions offered by our merchant via banners ads and email promotions via the Famooshed app and website. We may email coupon codes that can be used on the web site checkout.

Famooshed makes it easy to communicate with our merchants via the chat service. When an item you want is out-of-stock at the store, your merchant may offer you and alternative replacement product.

You can set item and delivery instructions in advance, as well as chat directly with your shopper while they shop and deliver your items. You can tell the shopper to:

  • - Find Best Match: By default, your merchant will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
  • - Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • - Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

You can update or cancel your order as long as your shopper hasn’t started shopping. If you need to make changes after shopping has started, you can use the app or website to approve replacements or chat with your shopper.

If something isn’t right, you’ve got options. In the Famooshed app or website, you should report:

  • - Missing items
  • - Incorrect items
  • - Damaged items
  • - Poor replacements
  • - Early/late orders

If an order never came, or you get someone else’s order, you can reach out to Famooshedcustomer care team.

The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. We are excited to offer contactless delivery through our Leave at My Door delivery feature.

Leave at My Door delivery gives you the flexibility to have your groceries delivered without having to come to the door or be at home. You can leave delivery instructions for your shopper at checkout, and we’ll notify you when your order arrives.

Leave at My Door is now the default setting for all Instacart deliveries via our deliver boy service. If you’d prefer to not use this feature, simply uncheck the box that says “Leave at my door if I’m not around” at checkout.

Customers who order alcoholor certain high-value items may need to show ID upon delivery. We ask shoppers to wear masks whenever they come into contact with our staff and delivery personnel.